Shooting programs in Prague

Enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience shooting using legendary guns like AK47 Kalashnikov, M16, SA58, Dragunov sniper rifle, pump-action shot gun, revolvers and many others!

If you require a seriously good shooting event, our range is the right place for you. You will find a wide variety of guns there including the most iconic ones, which you have probably seen in movies only. UNTIL NOW!

Top equipped indoor range in Prague with a rich choice of poweful guns:

Winchester Sniper Rifle Pump action shotgun and AK47 kalashnikov  AR15

You‘ll get the feel for the power, sound, and accuracy of many fantastic guns and you‘ll love putting these cool guns on target. Really!

AK47, pistol, shotgun, UZI Ak47 & Beretta .45 ACP It's time to lock and load :-) Pistol .45 ACP


  • Hotel pick up & drop off, transfers in a minibus

  • Range entrance fee, safety briefing, mineral water

  • Guns rental and ammunition as outlined in each package  

  • Different targets, eye and ear protective gear

  • Time for photoshoot with unloaded guns

  • Constant presence of professional English speaking instructor

Pump action shotgun & AK47 kalashnikov   Pistol 9 mm and pump action shotgun   
After the arrival on the very well equipped indoor range the participants getacquainted with the range, undergo weapon safety and instruction training. Under the expert supervision of our professional instructors with personal attitude you will learn to handle and shoot real guns.You get to shoot different properly maintained weapons and test your marksmanship against each other in a final shoot out competition to see who's the sharpest shooter in your group. All guns are semi-auto, conformable with Czech armament status. Most of guns have an optical gun sights for more easy aiming.

Lady with AK47   AR15   Revolver   AK47    

Long-time gun enthusiast or curious beginner; anyone can choose from the following list of shooting programs, offering a variety of impressive guns: