Skydiving - Tandem jumps Prague

Experience the excitement of tandem jumps from 4.200 m altitude and one minute free falling at 200 km/h!

  • World-class skydiving centre with perfect safety record and amazing customer service
  • Free transfers from Prague to the skydive airport and back
  • High quality fotos and video of your skydive jump available
  • Best price of skydiving in Europe

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Imagine the rising level of adrenaline during the flight, the excitement of jumping from 4.200 m, the beauty of a free fall at 200 km/hr, the bit of a shiver while opening the parachute, the wonderful feeling of floating back to earth, and the soft landing at the end. This adventure begins with expert instruction followed by a jump from an airplane. You will be hooked to an experienced, professional tandem pilot with a special harness.

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You don’t need any course or a medical check up, you will receive a short, easy to understand, briefing before the jump and then you will be able to experience the same as a skydiver does. The increase of the adrenaline levels during the aircraft flight, wonderful feeling during the exit, the beauty of the freefall with the freedom of a bird, slight chill down your spine during the canopy opening, parachute flying and finally a soft landing back on the firm ground.  

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Your tandem pilot will explain everything you need to know during the briefing after which you will put on the jumpsuit and a special tandem harness. You will be given goggles for eye protection. We use parachutes manufactured abroad and equipped with Automatic Activation Device (AAD) called Cypres. Our tandem pilots have minimum of 2000 jumps and passed very demanding courses.

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Next you and your tandem pilot will board the aircraft which will climb io a given altitude necessary for the jump (the aircraft flight takes 15 – 20 minutes). During the climbing up your tandem pilot will connect your harness to his and after reaching the correct altitude you will both exit the aircraft. We jump from 4.200 m AGL (14.000 ft). You will be enjoying approximately 50 seconds of the free fall at the speed of 200km/h (125 mph). At 1.500 m (5.000 ft) your tandem pilot will open the parachute and you will fly for 6 – 8 minutes on the canopy, which you can try to steer. Before the landing your tandem pilot will take over the steering and land you softly and safely back onto the ground. After the landing is a tandem jump certificate and an original tandem jump t-shirt issued by us. You can then cherish that unforgettable memory. 

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The whole jump, from briefing to landing, can be recordet by a digital camera and be photographed by an experienced cameraman – skydiver. We will then edit the footage and add the sound and will put it in HD quality on a 4.0 GB USB Flash Disk with dual connector for PC or mobile phone. The rental of the special GoPro camera is also available.

ADVANCE BOOKING DISCOUNT CZK 400 / € 15 discount for bookings 3 or more days in advance
Tandem jump CZK 4.600 / € 180
Tandem jump + Video & Photos CZK 6.800 / € 265
Tandem jump + Video & Photos + Selfie CZK 7.300 / € 285
Group discount CZK 400 / € 15 discount per person for groups of 9 or more (it's not possible to combine the group discount and advance booking discount)
Price includes transport from the centre of Prague to the airport and back, briefing, English speaking instructors and pilots, rental of the complete equipment and protective aids, T-shirt as a gift, certificate
Transport in an air-conditioned van, up 4 persons is free hotel pick up & drop off available
Location 90 km / 80 min. ride from the centre of Prague
Duration 4 - 5 hours, including transport
Availability daily till November 2018, departure is every hour between 8 am and 5 pm (weather permitting)

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