Hot air ballooning

Flight in a hot air balloon is an unique opportunity to see Bohemia from bird’s eye view. Of course by plane you can take wing to the sky too; however, only in a balloon you can quietly enjoy the nature and animals bellow. 

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At the flight starting point agreed, where the balloon will be put up, you will meet your professional pilot and the crew. During one hour flight you can take both pictures and movies. After the landing traditional balloon ceremony and champagne toast is offered to you. As a memory of the flight you will be left with a certificate and a new aristocratic balloon name. At least 3,5 - 4 hours are needed for the whole event.

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The main hot air ballooning season is April to November. Possibility to fly out of season is too; however, the weather has to be suitable meaning without rain, wind up to 5m/s and good visual range. Also the time range and lenght of the hot air balloon flight depends on meteorological conditions. The date agreed is to be confirmed a day ahead or a new date is settled. We fly 7 days a week. Take-offtime is either in the morning, up to two hours after sunrise, or in the evening, to two hours before sunset.  

The hot air balloon flight itself lasts about an hour, putting up the balloon approx. half an hour, the same lasts also the ceremony after landing. The level of flight goes to 500 meters above ground, mostly possible even higher. Usually we fly at the Prague surroundings but naturally place of flight can be almost anywhere – above Konopište Castle, Karlštejn CastleČeský Krumlov, the National park Český ráj etc. 

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You don’t need anything special to join a flight in a balloon. Dress up as you would go for outing or excursion to nature. Up in a balloon there is actually warmer weather because going with a wind you don’t feel windy and some warm comes from the burner.

Hot air ballooning is not only the flight itself, it is also connected to the traditional ceremonial and promotion to aristocracy.

Price / 1 person CZK 5,000 / € 185 / £ 143 / $ 200
Price includes transport, ca one hour flight with a qualified pilot, traditional balloon ceremony with champagne toast
Transport in a car or minibus, hotel pick up and return are included in the price
Location ca 45 minutes from the centre Prague
Duration 3,5 - 4 hours
Season all year round

Reservation for the Hot air ballooning